Here is a great way to avoid crowds and keep those kids busy! It's a tall order, but CALLIGRAKIDS can do it!! Dig out your markers and paper and get creative!


This new workbook is an extension to the Shadow workbook. It takes things a little further and we explore perspective. This is one workbook, but we will cover it in 2 separate ZOOM workshops. Click HERE to purchase.

This awesome new workbook has a BONUS section!!!

Learn how to make your letters look like glass prisms!  

Plus a really awesome technique I call

GEO SHAPE pretty!

Age and Skill Level: 7 and up. Using a ruler will be helpful!

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This workbook will come with a FREE ZOOM workshop....stay tuned for date and time or EMAIL me for info.


This brand new workbook is a great follow up to Comic Craze and Gimme Graffiti, but can also stand alone. 

16 pages of instruction and fun all about adding shadows to your letters. Think about how AWESOME  your next school project will be! (when you finally do go back!!) But don't be fooled, adults can have fun with this as well....great for your chalkboard writing!!


7 and up, or the ability to 'draw' a letter and follow direction.

Click HERE to see a sample page. 

Click HERE to purchase the SHADOW workbook. 




Another NEW workbook, also geared up to adult level. Part 1 starts with teaching you cursive, easily and right from the beginning! It's also a good refresher for those who know and use cursive. Part 2 takes you from cursive to CALLIGRAPHY, or rather FAUXLIGRAPHY. An easy way to turn cursive into fabulous modern calligraphy with no special skills or tools.

Click HERE to see a sample page.

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Click HERE to purchase individually. 

email me  at if you would like to learn how to work through the books on your ipad. 


 This is one of my  FAVOURITES!!

COMIC CRAZE explores all the great design elements of the comic books we all love... from comic elements, to colour choices, to why half tone screens were used!! Its a great workbook and kids (or adults) will be creating a word or phrase in comic book style. 

Click HERE to see a sample page.

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 email me at if you have any questions.

Your download will also include an instructional video. 




A great workbook alone or combined with Comic Craze! We start by talking about Graffiti and where it is appropriate and where it is not! Colour and design elements and instructions to get you started on your first project. 

Click HERE to see a sample page.

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email me at if you have any questions. 

Your download will also include an Instructional video.


These are the first workshops that were developed by CALLIGRAKIDS! We have had soooo much fun with these. They are based on creating one letter (your initial?) you are working a bit larger than some of the other books, good for smaller hands. The workbooks are based on a system of creating letters using unique templates that can create any letter...upper or lower case. 

You will need a printer, and preferably some heavier cardstock to cut out the templates. If you have a home cutting machine, like a Cricut or Sillouette, it will come in very handy here! But scissors work too! You will also need paper, pencil, eraser, and markers. One medium black permanent marker and some washable coloured markers. 

Your download will also come with an instructional video. 


Click HERE to see a sample page from each workbook.

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