Calligraphy and Lettering for Kids!

Mini Character Workshops

Monster  Mayhem, Mermaid Magic, Robot Ruckus, Unicorn Fantasy, 

In these 2.5 hour workshops, we will begin developing our character's features. How many Monster eyes an we think of? What makes a Unicorn look like a Unicorn? Robots might have legs, but Mermaids do NOT!! After brainstorming, and drawing as many features as we can, we will begin forming our letters. Putting together as many as we can.  Finally we will form and draw our initial or name, add our character elements, outline, and fill in using various patterns we have been experimenting with! Supplies included and a take home poster to colour. 

Comic Craziness!

Comic Craziness is similar to the above, maybe geared a bit older as we will be doing a word or name so we will be working smaller. Supplies included and a take home poster. 

Chalk it Up!


This is a two part workshop focussed on chalk lettering and decorative chalk elements!

Participants  will have chalk to use (and take home)  as well as a practice board to use during the class and one 12 x 12 board to finish a project and take home.


Week 1:

 Some tips and tricks when doing chalk lettering

3 basic ways to make letters

Some fancy fills


Week 2:

Borders and banners and flags and doodles!

Some tips on laying out a design. (There will also be -remade templates for this step) 


Choosing a phrase of their own, or being inspired by some already prepared , we will work on our decorative board to take home.