Looks like masks are going to be mandatory for a while, so Calligrakids thought we might as well make it fun!!!

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Calligrakids is going CALLIGRAZOOM for August!!

All August workshops will now be in an on line format. We will be using ZOOM which is super easy to use and free to you. You just need to get the basic ZOOM account. If you have any questions, you can email me HERE. I have been doing ZOOM workshops for the past month and I have to say, it's fun and very interactive. Is it like getting out to a workshop here? No, but it's the next best thing!!!


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There are some new rules, so make sure you read those and if you have any questions, email me HERE.

Check out the new CUSTOM SATURDAY page HERE!!!


COVID NOTICE:  * When allowed, (tentatively looking at July 1) Calligrakids will have a new set of guidelines. 

1. Workshops will be limited to 5

2. Workshops will be outside (covered porch so rain isn't an issue)

3. Participants will have their own set of markers and equipment that will be wiped between classes. 

4. Participants will bring their own snacks. 

Another NEW ONE!!!

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Adult Workshops are on hold of course, but now might be the perfect time to learn a new skill. Head on over to Margi Laurin's Pen and see what is being added daily.



Hi! My name is Margi and I LOVE LETTERS! Not the kind that start with "Dear Aunt Sue" but *LETTERS*... fonts, calligraphy (the new, fun, bouncy kind) and CHALK! ESPECIALLY the CHALK!
I created Calligrakids to Inspire kids of all ages to learn to love letters as much as I do.